Research Opportunities & Resources

Within the research activity groups  from tissue interrogation to data integration, the KPMP consortium manages the resources within the KPMP and externally in the broader scientific community to achieve the goals of the KPMP.

Researcher REsources

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Published and preprint manuscripts

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funding opportunities

Collaborate with the KPMP consortium

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Guidelines for conducting studies within the KPMP

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Validated Antibodies for the Kidney Precision Medicine Project

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Metadata standards

Standards for collecting and curating study data

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Doi Collection

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Agreements, Charters, & Policies


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KPMP Research Protocols

All research conducted by the KPMP consortium sites is done so according to a plan (a protocol). These protocols provide detailed guidelines for conducting a study and illustrate what will be done within a study by explaining each essential part of it and how it is carried out. In other words, protocols help researchers explain what they want to learn and how they’ll carry out their work.

All KPMP protocols are reviewed and revised periodically as the consortium adds new techniques or learns things that warrant updating our process.

Operational protocols


Recruitment site Manuals of Procedures


Tissue Interrogation site protocols

The protocol documents for tissue preparation, methods, and technologies for the Tissue Interrogation Sites are hosted in a centralized repository on

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Antibody Tests


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