CollaboratE with the KPMP

Mission and Philosophy

KPMP is a resource platform that is committed to making data and resources widely available to all stakeholder communities, including academic, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations. In addition, KPMP encourages new partnerships and collaborations of all types to increase the knowledge gained and disseminated throughout the duration of the project.

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Types of collaboration

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Access to Public Data

Released upon validation and accessible through the KPMP Atlas.

Collaborator is requested to ensure proper recognition of KPMP Investigators and the Consortium in all publications and presentations that accessed KPMP resources.

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Access to Protected Data

(data that is protected by regulation,
PII,  other clinical data, etc.)

Protected data is listed but not accessible in the KPMP Atlas. To obtain protected data, Collaborator must sign and adhere to KPMP Data Use Policy and Agreement.

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Access to KPMP Materials and Biosamples*

Collaborator must engage with KPMP via the Ancillary Study Submission or the KPMP Opportunity Pool.

* All KPMP patient participant biopsies are fully interrogated by current KPMP protocols.  In line with KPMP data sharing policies, biopsy data is uploaded to the KPMP Atlas for additional analysis by the broader research community.

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Access to KPMP Technology

If interested in learning more about KPMP technology, please contact Ashveena Dighe

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Additional Interaction with Study Participants in the KPMP Cohort

Collaborators interested in additional interaction should submit an Ancillary Study submission.

*Available KPMP Materials & Biosamples

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